Talking Trees

By 25 november 2019BLOG

In the impressive campaign for Conservation International Julia Roberts gave Mother Nature a voice and told us: ‘Nature doesn’t need people. People need nature’. More specifically, to fight climate change, people need trees. To raise people’s attention for this urgent need and, more in general, to reconnect us with nature, artist Bert Barten created the project Talking Trees by which trees get a voice and we can experience their music; find all about it here.

We are one tribe! When we breathe out, trees breathe in. When they breathe out, we breathe. in We share their origins. We even share their DNA. It’s time to protect them.  And in doing so, save ourselves. And by giving trees a voice, we can share their plight with everyone. So listen up. There is still hope for the trees! There is a message in their music. We need more trees! So add your voice to the forest and join the Talking Trees Tribe.

Take part in planting 5 million trees of the international Talking Trees forest and become climate neutral! Our goal is to plant 5 Million trees within 3 years! Make a positive contribution to the climate and offset your CO2 through our sustainable international Talking Trees forest projects.

Donate trees to the Talking Trees forest! Donate 1 tree for – € 10.00! Donate 2 trees for – € 18.00! Donate 5 trees for – € 43.00! Donate 10 trees for – € 87.00! Donate 50 trees for – € 437.00! Donate 100 trees for – € 875! Go to our online-store and order here.