‘Starting and surviving in today’s economy is hard, but the companies that figure it out have something in common: the pursuit of purpose, alongside the pursuit of profit. A purpose mobilizes people in a way that pursuing profits alone never will. For a company to thrive, it needs to infuse its purpose in all that it does.’ (Fast Company)

What’s Your Way? 

The world’s most popular song at funerals is ‘I did it my way’. No surprise. Everyone aspires to be a truly unique personality, a one of a kind character who lives life to its full potential – and inspires others to do the same. In their own unique way. Why? Because we are creative by nature, and because – as Steve Jobs once told a class of MBA students- life is simply too short to live  someone else’s.

So, finding your flow and doing it your way is essential. For people, but also for brands and corporations of all kinds. To lead the way. To be a one and only. A rebel with a cause. A legendary who makes things happen. Not a laggard who watches things happen. Or worse, a loser who wonders what happened. As Gary Hamel puts it, to lead the revolution, corporations and brands should apply the power of creativity. Or, according to Tom Peters, they have to ‘re-imagine’ themselves, continuously.

The global IBM survey – Capitalizing on Complexity: Insights from the Global Chief Executive Officer Study – shows that the most important leadership quality is ‘creativity.’ The findings came from the highest level: 1,500 chief executives from every region in the world. Collectively, they ranked creativity higher than other competences such as integrity, global thinking, influence, openness, dedication, focus on sustainability, humility or fairness. So, creativity is the new must-have in the postmodern marketplace. The creative edge is where competitive advantages are now achieved. Strategy should be a creative act. If you start by seeing the world as a given, you inevitably end up simply tweaking it a bit. This is the mindset that benchmarks its way to mediocrity.

At its most primal level, creativity promises happiness, honesty, and hope. Creativity counteracts the lack of meaning. Creativity offers guidance. Creative people and innovative ideas are inspirational. We admire creative people, companies, brands, products, and services because they produce a positive and often unfiltered vision of human existence: a vision that brings added meaning and value to our lives. It’s creativity that encourages people to dream about tomorrow, and that nurtures their efforts to do so. It’s a kind of magic.

Andy Mosmans & Company

Andy Mosmans & Company is a boutique branding and business development collective that consists of Andy Mosmans – Founder/Managing Director and Naomi Mosmans van Eeden – Communications/Project Director, together with their extensive and inclusive network of proven & promising, strategic & creative, agencies & talents.  A community of beautiful minds, a talent cloud, that helps people, brands and corporations find their way and provide them with an inspiring sense of meaning and direction. Creativity and analytical capabilities, coupled to consumer & cultural insight expertise, enable us to help our clients realize better business results.

We believe that it is as much about developing economic capital (the competence to make money), as it is about social capital (the competence to develop relationships) and cultural capital (the competence to inspire, innovate and improve). We also believe that brands have developed from simple trademarks to one of the major organizing principles of modern life. Brands have the power to move the world forward. They’ve never been more important, but never more threatened. Important because they feed growth, bind companies and add meaning to lives. Threatened because they’re often fractured or confused. Brands thrive on consistency, commitment and cohesion.  Brands thrive when people believe in them. We want the world to believe in brands.

Branding has changed from the name of the game into the game of the name. And, more and more this ‘game’ also includes thinking about sustainability: the ability to last within the limits of the planet and societal expectation. Also called ‘social purpose’: the external benefit a business brings that society, the planet or simply life would miss if it didn’t exist.Modern brands are concepts, ideas, or even better ideals, to integratively drive business. Andy Mosmans & Company helps to discover, define, develop and deliver these concepts, whatever that business is all about. Doing so, we strive to develop unique identities, because identity is destiny.

We work with leadership to define why they exist — taking account of market, cultural and social changes. Translating this into an effective business and brand strategies that drives sales, competitive advantage and powers employee motivation. Brands bring business strategy to life. Through branding, marketing, identity, communication and design we help organisations tell their story, differentiating them in distinctive and creative ways. We create enduring brand platforms that unify all marketing activities, building meaning and value over time. We create new brands, rejuvenate brands and simplify brand portfolios; making our clients easier to understand and buy into.

So what’s your way? We’ll help you define, develop, direct and deliver it. All the way!