Brand valuation


The evidence that brand valuation is essential in creating a sustained growth orientation is compelling. There is a direct link between brand strength and the future cash flows that drive enterprise value. Corporations must Carpe Brand, to unlock the long-term enterprise success.

To help CEOs quantify, measure and grow the contribution of the
brand to firm value, the Forbes CMO Practice has drawn upon a series of academic and commercial research studies to prove the connection between brands—and the investments that support them—to business outcomes and firm value. Read the report that summarizes the ways in which organizations can value, measure and grow the contribution of brands to firm value, here. And check out the latest Forbes ‘World’s Most Valuable Brands’-list, here.

Pro Logo


BRANDAID, the Pro Logo Platform for Better, is on a mission to inspire and empower the best brands of the world also to become the best brands for the world. The purpose of the platform is to help corporations, their employees and their customers and stakeholders at large to ‘buy into better’. As a manifestation of their Corporate Social Responsibility, or the other way around, their Consumer Social Responsibility. Join the LinkedIn Group here.

Here’s to Apple


Apple, my all time favorite brand, for which I had the honor to work for at BBDO Worldwide, has become the first company to reach a $2 trillion market capitalisation. So today is the perfect day to look back on a period, not so long ago, when the company was worth just $2 billion (0.1% of its current value) and had just lost $800 million over the past 12 months.

At that exact moment Steve Jobs returned. His clear, tight brand positioning brought Apple back to life. That story, built from Apple’s own Effie submissions, is told in a short case study by Marc Ritson; see it here.



‘BOEM! Bijna 1,5 kilo vol BRANDING op de deurmat…Een geweldig naslagwerk wat bij ieder marketing- of reclamebureau in de kast moet staan. De hoofdstukken zijn afzonderlijk te lezen en allemaal anders qua insteek en toon. Dat geeft een prettige afwisseling. Er is duidelijk gezocht naar een balans tussen de theorie en de praktijk.’, aldus een recensie op bol.com.

Lees meer over BRANDING NL en koop het boek hier.

The Brand Code


A brand is more than a logo, color palette or a slogan. It’s the driving force behind your business. Corporates and startups alike should crack the brand code to fully apply its power! Read about how to do this and blueprint your business here!



Alweer een tijdje geleden mocht ik bij Habion, samen met Staatssecretaris Paul Blokhuis, een inleiding verzorgen over een nog steeds actueel onderwerp dat ons allemaal aangaat: ‘ouderenhuisvesting’ (als merk in de toekomst). Een video impressie van die bijeenkomst vind je hier.

Don’t think different


Discriminatie gaat, net als branding, over onderscheid maken. Hoe speelt beeldvorming een rol en vindt betekenisgeving eigenlijk plaats? Lees mijn nieuwste blog voor Adformatie hier.

Fittergy Group


For Fittergy Group (formerly known as European Health and Fitness Group) we developed the new brand positioning & portfolio strategy, visual identity and creative concept. Fittergy Group believes everyone has the potential to be fit, healthy and happy. Everyone can feel fantastic, energized and radiate confidence. Today, the reason so many of us aren’t is simply because of how we live. How, in the 21st century, rather than following nature, we’re evolving against it. Whether as a result of a busy job, poor food choices and health issues we are repressing and overwhelming our natural self with a stressful sedentary lifestyle, filled with rich, sugar-packed foods. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. None of this is inevitable. It’s all avoidable. And Fittergy helps you to make a change. Fittergy is science. The science of how our bodies work and unlock the things we truly need to feel energized. Led by a community of highly experienced and dedicated Coaches, Fittergy programmes and products combine essential supplements developed and manufactured in their own facility, with exercise tailored to your needs. The result is that Fittergy empowers you to discover, unleash and nurture your true self. A transformation that enables you to be the best you. Permanently.