Smarter focus. Brighter tomorrow


In 2015 ontwikkelden we een nieuwe merkstrategie en samen met creative agency brndcrmbs tevens een nieuwe visuele identiteit en communicatieconcept voor Batenburg Techniek, met als thema: Smarter focus. Brighter tomorrow. Met als doel om beter de meerwaarde van de groep als geheel te communiceren en met volle kracht de business in de breedte te ontwikkelen.  Sindsdien verdriedubbelde de aandelenkoers bijna 😉 . Een fantastisch voorbeeld van hoe branding & business development succesvol in elkaar grijpen. Bekijk de corporate video hier.

Cracking the brand code


There is considerable debate on what constitutes a brand. Brands are much exploited, but still too little explored. A clear statement as to the nature of a brand and how the idea of ‘the brand’ has developed is crucial, both for the valuation of a brand as an asset on the balance sheet and for positioning the brand strategically. A brand is more than a logo, color palette or a slogan. It’s the driving force behind your business. Corporates and startups alike should crack the brand code to fully apply its power! Read all about it here.

BrandAid. The Pro Logo Platform for Better


Already in 2006, I co-founded the ‘Pro Logo’ platform BrandAid (using the brandaid.org url) to inspire the best brands of the world also to become the best brands for the world.

Now again, Erik Saelens of BrandHome asks attention for this idea.

More than bands, brands have the power to change the world for better/build a better world.

After BandAid, it’s time for BrandAid.

Instead of blaming brands to be the cause of many problems in the world and saying ‘No Logo’, it’s time we demand brands to seize the opportunity and become the solution by putting a purposeful positioning in practice!

Read Erik’s article in The Drum here.

How employer branding builds business


In essence a corporation needs two kinds of people: customers and employees. They are the players in the game of the name (of the company, the corporate brand). Just like on the client market corporations need to build brand strength in an integrative way on the talent market: employer branding. The ultimate aim of integrated brand management is to deliver a consistent and distinctive experience, both to customers as well as to employees. And culture is the linking pin. The modern discipline of employer brand management takes a holistic approach to shaping the culture of the organization, by seeking to ensure that every people management touch-point is aligned with the purpose of the organization.

Read more about it here and here.

The Business Case for Branding


A brand can be a company’s most valuable commercial asset, but persuading CEOs to invest in theirs is sometimes hard. In an open letter to all CMOs, everywhere, Tom Roach, Managing Partner at advertising agency BBH, shares key data-points to help them in that task.

Have a look at his presentation about the most valuable business tool ever invented, here.