Adformatie Daily


Adformatie Daily is een online videopanel voor marketeers waarin specialisten inzoomen op een onderwerp dat te maken heeft met het coronavirus. In de eerste aflevering mochten Hella de Weger, head of brand bij a.s.r., Thecla Schaeffer, cmo Tony’s Chocolonely en ikzelf aansluiten om het onderwerp ‘Op eieren lopen’ te bespreken. Want, wat communiceer je als merk wel en wat niet, tijdens de crisis? Zie de aflevering hier.

La casa de papel


Fans of Netflix’s Spanish crime drama series ‘La Casa De Papel’, which translates to ‘The House of Paper’ and is internationally known as ‘Money Heist’) recently received a treat. Along with the fourth season for this globally popular show arrived a documentary on the making of it, titled: ‘La casa de papel El fenómeno’ (‘Money Heist: The Phenomenon’).

The documentary film examines why and how the series sparked an exponential wave of enthusiasm around the world for a lovable group of thieves and their professor (Álvaro Morte).

The documentary includes testimonies from show creator Álex Pina, Jesús Colmenar, who heads the team of directors, and the cast that includes Úrsula Corberó, Álvaro Morte, Pedro Alonso, Alba Flores, Miguel Herrán, Jaime Lorente or Esther Acebo.

Next to this, the documentary also provides fascinating insights into the storytelling, characters and branding magic of the series. And how the saying of Marshall McLuhan, ‘the medium is the message’, also holds true here: only after the show was acquired and distributed by Netflix, it became the phenomenon it is today.

The Brand Code


More than a logo, visual style, advertising campaign, communications concept or marketing program, a brand should nowadays be conceptualized as a creative business idea. More than just a Mark, a modern brand provides Meaning and can be consistently experienced through all its Manifestations. Like a Genetic Code or DNA of a business it Directs, Navigates and Activates the total way a business is done, seamlessly integrating its Why, How and What. Modern branding is about the blueprinting of business and The Brand Coding Canvas can be used as a framework for this: a well defined brand can be creatively directed, ‘codified’ by and experienced through all 10 C’s or Connection Dimensions. Read all about it here.

Moeder natuur heeft een branding-probleem


ls we moeder natuur als merk zien, kunnen we constateren dat ze een branding probleem heeft. Het beeld dat zich in ons collectief bewustzijn heeft ontwikkeld toont de natuur als slachtoffer van de klimaatcrises, die met name door het handelen van mensen is veroorzaakt. De mens staat in deze perceptie, geholpen door technologie, tegenover en boven de natuur en tegelijkertijd wordt de natuur verlaagd tot een passieve en onmachtige entiteit die we beheersen en onze exploitatie lijdzaam ondergaat en verder verzwakt. Er zijn echter ook andere visies mogelijk, die verder zouden kunnen worden ontwikkeld. Lees mijn nieuwste blog voor Adformatie hier.

De transitie van Philips

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Philips verandert. Met chirurgische precisie transformeert het bedrijf van een producent van technologische apparaten naar een fabrikant van medische apparatuur. Sinds topman Jan Timmer in de jaren negentig Operatie Centurion in gang zette om het bedrijf slagvaardiger te maken, sneed de multinational talloze keren in eigen vlees. Tijdens opeenvolgende reorganisaties vloeiden duizenden medewerkers af en werden tientallen producten –van koelkast tot kijkbuis– geschrapt. Met de vorige maand aangekondigde verkoop van de huishoudelijke apparaten verdwijnen ook de laatste producten die consumenten met het merk verbinden. Wat rest, zijn de verzorgingsproducten. Lees mijn mening hierover in het Reformatorisch Dagblad.

Eyevestor – The Share Company


Through decades of experience in the financial sector, SME sector and IT, we noticed that organizations with 10 to 1,000 employees did not have the opportunity to create liquidity in their share capital. That is why we decided to merge the financial world with IT and engagement, energy and enterprise. Time for change! Meet Eyevestor, the share company, making a market available for 99% of all companies and all people not yet active with share investing. On the one hand, Eyevestor ensures that entrepreneurs can ‘answer their calling’ and do more with equity. On the other hand, we involve individuals in investing and participating in the shares of companies and organizations they believe in. We connect motivated ambassadors and support entrepreneurs with the deployment of their equity, their shares. Eyevestor – The Share Company. Energising enterprise!

An interview (in Dutch) with founder Gijs Dalen Meurs can be found here.

Talking Trees


In the impressive campaign for Conservation International Julia Roberts gave Mother Nature a voice and told us: ‘Nature doesn’t need people. People need nature’. More specifically, to fight climate change, people need trees. To raise people’s attention for this urgent need and, more in general, to reconnect us with nature, artist Bert Barten created the project Talking Trees by which trees get a voice and we can experience their music; find all about it here.

We are one tribe! When we breathe out, trees breathe in. When they breathe out, we breathe. in We share their origins. We even share their DNA. It’s time to protect them.  And in doing so, save ourselves. And by giving trees a voice, we can share their plight with everyone. So listen up. There is still hope for the trees! There is a message in their music. We need more trees! So add your voice to the forest and join the Talking Trees Tribe:

Without knowing it, we have lived with other sentient beings
They sheltered us, fed us, warmed us
But in our ignorance we used them
And abused them
Until we gave them a voice and heard their music

We are one tribe
When we breathe out, they breathe in
When they breathe out, we breathe in
We share their origins
We even share their DNA

Knowing this now, we have to reverse our roles
It’s time to protect them
Shelter them
And in doing so, save ourselves as well

We are Talking Trees
And by giving trees a voice,
We can share their plight with everyone

So listen up
There is still hope for the trees!
There is a message in their music
We need more trees

So add your voice to the forest
Help us to plant more trees
And together we will turn their melody
Into a world of harmony

Take part in planting 5 million trees of the international Talking Trees forest and become climate neutral! Our goal is to plant 5 Million trees within 3 years! Make a positive contribution to the climate and offset your CO2 through our sustainable international Talking Trees forest projects.

Donate trees to the Talking Trees forest! Donate 1 tree for – € 10.00!  Go to our online-store and order here.

Tchai wins Rotterdam Entrepreneurship Award


Tchai has won the Rotterdam Entrepreneurship Award. Last year we were involved in the development of the new brand-purpose, -passion, -positioning & -presentation to unleash the full power of Tchai. Back to the future, this third generation family owned company, now led by Kim Tchai, redefined its business from ‘making displays’ to ‘displaying brands’ (‘unveiling uniqueness’ – ‘presenting purpose’ – ‘storetelling‘ ) and revalued its Chinese roots. Take a look at the beautiful video that was created to express the new corporate spirit & story and introduce the new visual identity here and read more about the Power of Tchi here.

De Brand & Business Case van Blokker


Tijdens het eerstvolgende BExP-topcollege van het Institute for Branding and Business Development (IBBD) op woensdag 11 december a.s. mogen we twee vooraanstaande keynote speakers verwelkomen op Kasteel Groeneveld te Baarn. RUDOLPH VAN DER KRAAN (CMO van Blokker) geeft inzicht in de brand & business case van Blokker. Hoe gaan hij en zijn collega’s ervoor zorgen dat Blokker weer een succesvolle winkelformule wordt? Welke invulling krijgt het retailmerk Blokker? En wat zijn/worden de belangrijkste uitdagingen op weg naar succes? Eén uitdaging is helder: de transformatie van Blokker moet plaatsvinden in een zeer dynamisch retaillandschap. Internationaal retailexpert FRANK QUIX (Q&A Research & Consultancy) schetst daarom voorafgaand aan de brand & business case van Blokker de belangrijkste trends en ontwikkelingen in het retail Umfeld. Meld je hier aan!