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The Game of the Name


Wie doceert, leert en creëert. Vandaar dat ik van oudsher graag de interactie met studenten aanga. Meest recent in China. Lees er hier alles over in deze blog voor Adformatie.

Branding in China


This month it’s China-time again, lecturing Strategic Brand Management for Business School Netherlands/BSN Asia in their Doctor of Business Administration Program, in Shenzhen and Shanghai. To help Chinese companies and executives develop their branding skills and transform ‘Made in China‘ into ‘Created in China’. A starting point for Chinese companies should be to think differentiation. Resist the temptation to copy competitors, instead focus on what makes their offering compelling and unique in comparison. Become value creators rather than simply competing for the value created by others. Read about how the phenomena of branding and practice branding have developed in China here.