Creative Concept

Fittergy Group


For Fittergy Group (formerly known as European Health and Fitness Group) we developed the new brand positioning & portfolio strategy, visual identity and creative concept. Fittergy Group believes everyone has the potential to be fit, healthy and happy. Everyone can feel fantastic, energized and radiate confidence. Today, the reason so many of us aren’t is simply because of how we live. How, in the 21st century, rather than following nature, we’re evolving against it. Whether as a result of a busy job, poor food choices and health issues we are repressing and overwhelming our natural self with a stressful sedentary lifestyle, filled with rich, sugar-packed foods. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. None of this is inevitable. It’s all avoidable. And Fittergy helps you to make a change. Fittergy is science. The science of how our bodies work and unlock the things we truly need to feel energized. Led by a community of highly experienced and dedicated Coaches, Fittergy programmes and products combine essential supplements developed and manufactured in their own facility, with exercise tailored to your needs. The result is that Fittergy empowers you to discover, unleash and nurture your true self. A transformation that enables you to be the best you. Permanently.