Purpose: from Why to How


Connecting purpose with the heart of your company means reappraising your core: the strategy you pursue, the operations driving you forward, and the organization itself. Read a great article of McKinsey & Company about how to put purpose into practice, here, another one about how to ignite individual purpose and create a space for honest discussions about purpose, including your own, here and last but not least one about how to make work more meaningful as a leader, here.

Pro Logo


BRANDAID, the Pro Logo Platform for Better, is on a mission to inspire and empower the best brands of the world also to become the best brands for the world. The purpose of the platform is to help corporations, their employees and their customers and stakeholders at large to ‘buy into better’. As a manifestation of their Corporate Social Responsibility, or the other way around, their Consumer Social Responsibility. Join the LinkedIn Group here.

The pursuit of purpose, personality & potential


Starting and surviving in today’s economy is hard, but the companies that figure it out have something in common: the pursuit of purpose, alongside the pursuit of profit. A purpose mobilises people in a way that pursuing profits alone never will. For a company to thrive, it needs to infuse its purpose in all that it does. That’s how progress is made.

Read more about how modern companies and brands thrive by striving to be not only the best of the world but, moreover, also for the world, here.