The pursuit of purpose, personality & potential


Starting and surviving in today’s economy is hard, but the companies that figure it out have something in common: the pursuit of purpose, alongside the pursuit of profit. A purpose mobilises people in a way that pursuing profits alone never will. For a company to thrive, it needs to infuse its purpose in all that it does. That’s how progress is made.

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Corporate Spirit


Some companies are more spirited than others and the spirit of one company can feel much better than that of another. Spirited means: ‘full of energy, enthusiasm, and determination, lively, vivacious, vibrant, full of life, vital, animated, high-spirited, sparkling, sprightly, energetic, active, vigorous, dynamic, dashing, enthusiastic, passionate, fiery; having a specified character, attitude, or mood and warm-hearted.

Corporate Spirit has a link to the concept of ‘Esprit de Corps’. If you’ve ever been on a sports team that had great morale and team spirit, you’ve experienced ‘esprit de corps’.

It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it. Read my article about corporate spirit here.

Kingfish Zeeland – Dutch Yellowtail

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Aanstaande vrijdag 6 april gaat de innovatieve duurzame viskwekerij van Kingfish Zeeland officieel van start. Wij ontwikkelden de merk(portfolio) strategie, zijn verantwoordelijk  voor de marketing en samen met brndcrmbs voor de naam, visuele identiteit en communicatie. De ‘Tesla van de vis’ zwemt tegen de stroom in en verovert de wereld met haar excellente product: ‘organic fed & antibiotics free’ Dutch Yellowtail !